Treasure Hunt

We have several teams that will be distinguished by armbands of different colors.

Each team has a leader who will be in charge of a bag containing the road book with information about the stages of the rally, explanations on the tests to pass in each stage and instructions to follow during the rally.

Your tasks during the rally are:

  • Discovering the place of each stage & recover parchments from some of these stages to find the mystery characters.
  • Passing the different tests.
  • Bargaining for the best price to purchase certain items; an envelope containing 100 Dirhams will be given to each team. Use it wisely. Do not use more money than your team is given.
  • Taking pictures at the different stages (each team will get a digital camera).
  • Completing the anagram by using the first letters of the answers of the questions highlighted in blue.
  • Answering the quiz.
  • Writing a text about your experience in the Medina of Marrakech.

    below is an example of our ex activity:B3B2B1B4